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Quarter Plate


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ONE WAS FOXY! Well, maybe more than a single gal catches your fancy in their archivally taped quarter plate. I can report with great accuracy that when the next owner opens the fine leather case with a professionally repaired hinge, the brilliant contrast and fabulous reflected depth will both please and amaze! Rather then dissect each poser; I will mention that they were taken by a gifted operator in a large studio equipped with a skylight. Obviously they were wealthy women judging by the extravagances in their costuming. Only faint red blush was added on each pair of cheeks to give a hint of color. This was a superlative black & white effort made by D. T. Lawrence in his Poughkeepsie NY gallery. John Craig mentions that Lawrence first opened and advertised his location at 305 Main St. in 1856-1857. However, the fabulous style of the piece and the mat along with the protector suggest a date possibly five years earlier. The geometric impression on the case covers seems like the mid-1850s. Could someone have placed this impressive likeness into the case that might not have been original to the dag? Unfortunately I can?t answer that question. The women alone are worthy of the price.