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Quarter Plate


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AN ADORABLE LITTLE GAL. It is easy enough for all of us to ascertain the direction the main light source came from since the cute girl?s shadow was standing next to her on that bright white reflector. Although her expression revealed hesitation and wonderment at the process of being daguerreotyped with her mom and chubby sibling on a retaped quarter plate, she still represented one of the most cunning children taken circa 1847! She placed her tiny hand on mom?s arm for parental support no doubt. The lady managed to stay still while holding her squirming offspring. Although the buff strokes were strident and there is one tiny silvery line between mom and daughter?s heads, the depth and clarity are both impressive! Nice oxidation follows the shape of the octagonal mat. Their black leather case has external brass hinges and two eyelets. One of the clasps is missing. The surface is pristine.