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Quarter Plate


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HER PARENTS. The shy but still cunning child stood in between mom and dad when they visited Mr. David Clark at his New Brunswick NJ ?City Daguerreian Gallery? located at 11 Peace Street to have this fine archivally taped quarter plate portrait executed. Great clarity, excellent contrast and deep depth will certainly immensely please the next collector who opens their complete leather case! Clark decided to tint the family?s faces and paint the little girl?s necklace bright red. The gent?s whiskers were worn so low that part of the display might have been chest hairs combed upwards! I wonder if the daguerreian ?suggested? to the adults that they all hold hands as a sign of unity, when actually he had taken one glance at the kid and knew she might flee if she wasn?t passively restrained? There is faint tarnish and a few mold spiders on the left side of the nearly pristine surface.