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Quarter Plate


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WHAT A CASE! The lady visited a professional operator who produced a fine, bordering on elegant, resealed quarter plate likeness for his client. However the crowning achievement came when he offered her this magnificent complete leather case. It was one of the most intricate and ornate daguerreian compartments ever used to hold a fine dag. The pensive lass, with intricate tightly coiled hair sat in an outstanding chair that should instantly be recognizable to a seasoned veteran of collecting great dags. Alas, I fail to know the studio where this piece of furniture was used. It must have been an important location since it was outfitted with a skylight in the operating room! The lady’s intense concentration and gently separated soft lips seemed to indicate that once the exposure was completed she would have turned her pretty pale face towards the daguerreian and thanked him for his time. He excelled in obtaining fantastic contrast and deep depth on his brightly silvered surface that has layers of patina, minor mat marks, a couple mold mites and meaningless specks.