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Their very dynamic archivally taped quarter plate is held in a complete leather case with an Angel as the central theme on the cover. There is an odd intrusion of bright patina at the top touching the edge of the oval brass mat. There is a water stain to the left of the pretty woman’s head seated nearest the white reflector board. The holographic depth is absolutely superb! Each subject was an interesting individual in their own right, but placed together in such a brilliant composition with those fascinating expressions and such a curious pose of the fellow wearing the hat, well that all made for the creation of a masterwork! Just look at the lass in the center with those coils of hair plastered to her forehead and the intense rather sexy gaze of the girl on the right. Was that gent next to her vertically challenged or simply leaning into the likeness? He might have been on his knees or even seated on a stool. Each time I concentrate on the sitters they want to speak out! Their daguerreotype was a mid-19th century masterpiece! I leave it to the next collector to figure out with certainty who shared whom in real life. Included with the fascinating tableau is a long poem entitled “THE OLD DAGUERREOTYPE”! Please see the additional scans.