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Where WAS that fellow’s shirt? Did he forget to bring one to the daguerreian rooms on a sweltering summer day? Once the daguerreotypist got over his shock at taking a naked torso, he decided to illuminate his client with broad light that entered the space from above and directly behind the position of his camera. After successfully placing the bearded gent’s form on his silvered palette, he vignetted the lower portion of the powerful portrait. Was it modesty that required him to mask the man’s chest or did his patron request the effect? The quarter plate offered here was copied most likely at the time the original was taken, probably after 1850. It still has good sharpness although the tonality overall is rather flat. The white marks on his shoulder are some type of residue and not scratches. Although the four sides of the plate are bent upwards there is not much reflected depth. The rarity of a bare-chested man provided the interest. There is oxidation inside the oval brass mat. Casey has resealed the likeness and placed a new leather spine on the case.