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Quarter Plate


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COULD HAVE BEEN SMILING! Mom was willing to show off her ample breasts whilst seated with her serious little boy, who wore a wild lace collar and that almost teenaged daughter who must have matured into one of the most gorgeous girls of the mid-19th century. If she would have traded in that frown for upturned lips in her mature years, any man nearby might have swooned! Her costume was quite lavish don’t you think? I wonder what the woman was thinking when she selected her ensemble? A very daring costume to my way of thinking! She certainly paid attention to her hair and crafted a tight braid across the crown of her head. Remarkable eyes and high cheekbones added to her latent beauty. There is an accumulation of specks and flecks, mostly across the bottom of their retaped quarter plate daguerreotype. An odd nearly invisible set of concentric rings is seen upper left in the patina that surrounds the family. The trio is kept in a black leather push button Boston style case. Looking at the dag once again reminded me to mention the fantastic luminosity!