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Quarter Plate


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VERY FINE. I KNOW that covers a broad range of thoughts folks. I want to tell you, if you can overlook that annoying cluster of green specks at the top of the archivally conserved quarter plate daguerreotype and closely examine these very wary and unhappy kids, I can guarantee that you will have an unforgettable viewing experience. When I opened their professionally repaired leather case, that was very worn by many hands visiting these kids through the years, I was overwhelmed by the remarkable applied colors, the natural hues when the piece is rotated and most importantly the children. The pale skinned cutie with enormous sad blue eyes stood next to a little boy who had much darker flesh. They certainly could have been brother and sister, but I wonder? Aren?t their costumes wonderful! Both of them stood perfectly still, which certainly was unusual. Their maker was a master of his craft. The hint of a column on the right and the shadowy drapery behind the pair added depth and a sensation of motion where there was none. Impressive patina filled in the scalloped shape of the brass mat. I adore these two and applaud the daguerreotypist for creating such a magical childhood masterwork!