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Performer in Costume Tinted Quarter Plate


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SHE WAS A PERFORMER! Well I’m hoping that the lass pictured on this quarter plate, that had been previously harshly cleaned and wiped down both sides, wasn’t in costume for any other reason than a forthcoming appearance on stage in front of footlights! I think her soft shoes topped with white fur and the bright plumage attached to her velvet hat that had a shiny leather brim certainly indicated that she was an actress OR a very adventuresome young lass. Her dress had bright, almost metallic accents that originally had been tinted. The welcoming pose and a rather neutral expression on her face framed by coils of dark hair was indicative of a performer, dancer or professional woman. Interesting that two pieces of carpet were laid down over a wooden floor no doubt. And that large backdrop didn’t merge with the rug. The talented daguerreian (and I can only dream about the quality of the piece when the subject was presented with her excellent likeness) probably wasn’t required to make many full standing portraits. There are nearly invisible scratches in the lower right corner. The brown spots are tarnish stains that weren’t removed even when Casey re-cleaned the silver. I can say that in spite of the damage, there is still a sparkling explosiveness to the gal’s fascinating remembrance. The very worn leather case had an adequately repaired spine with a design I had never previously seen.



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