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Quarter Plate


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AWESOME EYES! Now some might say that the fascinating woman had optic receivers that were slightly whacked. I choose to believe that although she might have been able to view life in stereo, naturally, a very clever, concerned and extremely talented Ohio daguerreotypist treated his sitter with extreme care. He posed her for this magnificent quarter plate with exquisite perfection, subtly asking the lady to gaze at a point on the floor. Her short-sleeved, attractive white dress tapers down from her narrow shoulders towards her slender waist. Because she was wearing a fashionable hoop underneath, that the operator billowed outwards across the bottom of the composition, her tiny middle is accentuated. One of her long arms crosses into the lower center of the portrait. It is the other arm, so perfectly arranged on the small tabletop, allowing her wrist to bend down and reveal those exquisite fingers that gently caress the delicate fabric in her costume that completes her elegant likeness. Please notice that large diamond ring, so casually displayed. How about the matching bejeweled bracelets on either arm? She is also wearing a lovely brooch between her breasts. There is no doubt that the man’s client was celebrating a very special event in her life. Possibly a recent engagement or was she taken on her wedding day? After the operator prepared his plate (and I will mention that there are strange swirling buff marks on the surface) he chose Rembrandt type illumination from the right side to bathe her in soft light. His awesome tinting reminds me of b&w movies recently colorized. When I bought the dag it had very wide paper seals that had been slit. The mat abrasions were caused because that careless person never bothered to reseal the image. I have done that. Dark patina is near the mat opening while a flowing blue melds into the dark drop. The three-D effect is terrific. As an added bonus, written in pencil is the bottom of the repaired leather case is: “Dear Cousin Lizzie eccept (she was definitely an Ohio gal, I know cause I grew up thar) this your cousin March 23, 1851, Star(k) County, Ohio”. Since there isn’t a Star County, I think she meant Stark, which is located in the Northeastern part of the state. I believe that Canton is the county seat. If you are seeking a dramatic, charismatic portrait in nearly pristine condition, this remarkable daguerreotype should definitely be considered.