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Quarter Plate


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SO PLEASANT. No doubt about this pair of pretty women. They were dear sisters and were quite accustom to wealth and power. (The previous owner mentions on his archival seal that a piece of paper had “Jay family” written on it. It has not been passed along with the dag). Nothing was too extravagant for these young companions. I am compelled to point out the obvious observation. The gal on the left is angelically gorgeous. Her sister is simply beautiful! I was thinking earlier about seeing them together in a second quarter plate image, where they had either linked their inner arms or were holding hands. Then I realized that the strength of the likeness is their separate status, yet still together. Once again, the daguerreian was an “over the top” operator. He allowed the ladies complete freedom in their poses, knowing that he only had to capture their graceful charm on his brilliantly polished surface. The hand coloring has such a painterly quality and is so delicately applied that I can’t seem to record (in the scan) the pink ribbons and bow that the gal on the right is wearing. As you can plainly notice, the patina almost envelops them. The brown spot between them is rather unsightly. Never-the-less, I will suggest that you will have to view many more daguerreotypes before you find two women with such outstanding elegance and sheer presence; taken by a consummate professional. Their floral leather case is worn. The spine has been expertly redone.