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Quarter Plate


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COMFORTABLE! As the light streamed into the room from the window, with part of the molding visible on the right side of this magnificent archivally taped quarter plate, someone’s beautiful dog reclined totally relaxed while watching the daguerreotypist who must have also been his master work as he made a perfect exposure. There is sumptuous richness, astounding contrast and fantastic reflective depth in one of the greatest likenesses of a canine that I have ever seen. That streak is an artifact from the past and barely noticeable in hand. It might have soaked off in distilled water but who wants to take a chance with such a remarkable portrait? The dag frosting is half as prominent when the image is viewed. There are several original bends in the surface from the day the plate was made but they are invisible when the dog is scrutinized. This was not the first time the animal had laid in the warm sunshine next to the glass. Notice the scratches in the wooden surface of the chest of drawers. As an aside, wouldn’t that pattern of wallpaper have driven you crazy? Ah those conservative mid-19th century Victorians! The lovely leather case has a new spine and a luscious blue velvet pad.