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Quarter Plate


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PERFECT CHILDREN! Should I really attempt to embellish this perfect, archivally restored quarter plate masterpiece? Why not? The manner of their inspired pose with the chair in the background out of focus created almost a visual 3-D effect thrusting the kids forward. The lad held his large hat down by his side. He had a curious expression wondering no doubt what was happening inside that wooden box on the tripod. Mother obviously had combed his long thick locks just before he sat with his sister. Did he place his hand easily against her leg naturally or was he told not to put it on her lap? At first when I viewed the siblings I thought the lad was looking directly into the lens. Now that I study his eyes closely, because of the broad highlights reflected in his brown pupils, I’m not so sure. Obviously, the intense little gal was casting her eyes elsewhere. Such a serious expression for a youngster. Is that red knitted scarf a unique fashion statement? The tinting is absolutely exquisite; so lifelike that every time I admire their holographic dream, I expect the duo to look directly at me and begin speaking. Rich patina creates even more beautiful hues. None of the faint flecks hinder the intensity of the crown jewel! The intact leather push button case is marvelous. Opposite the subjects is a fantastic burgundy pad embossed with a large loving cup.