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Quarter Plate


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FLAWLESS BLONDE! A young boy immaculately dressed and perfectly groomed was seated on a man sized painted wooden chair. One arm was propped at an angle on a white tablecloth with a blue tinted pattern. He held a book in both his hands while pursing his lips and staring intently at an object beyond the camera’s position. Lovely soft light enveloped him. Stunning contrast and unbelievable deep depth make his marvelous resealed by another hand quarter size likeness almost come to life. How well behaved was the lad and who were his parents. They doted on their son, having a larger image taken by an unidentified operator, who was skilled in the art of daguerreotypy. Most of the tinniest white specks are nearly invisible to the naked eye (as you all know, my scanning process enhances these objects). There are a few mold spiders and round tarnish spots scattered across the silver sheen. Richer patina flows over a few mat marks just inside the octagonal brass design. The kid’s tinted flesh tones aren’t quite as vibrant as the day the circa 1846 dag was executed until you angle the plate, kept in a very worn poorly repaired whole leather case, to that sweet spot meant for perfect viewing.