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Quarter Plate


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FOREVER FRIENDS! A smiling woman leaned over her serious friend and laid a gentle hand on her shoulder while they posed together for their awesome quarter plate likeness. Each subject wore one glove, of contrasting shades on the opposite hands. Sociologists amongst you readers, please contact me if you know why this was done. I will opt out by saying it was simply a statement of mid-19th century fashion. Seldom do we observe such a bubbly lass in any daguerreotype! Not only is she lovely physically, her entire personae presents a gal who is happy and relaxed! Her companion is also beautiful and was almost as effervescent as her pal. Their daguerreotypist must have been delighted with his triumphant piece after processing the image with vapors of mercury. He most certainly was a professional operator to have produced such a magnificent highly reflective example. The illumination is simply magical. He created a range of tones from brilliant white to coal black. Both females sparkle inside the oval mat and leap away from the darkness behind them when the repaired leather case is opened. Mat abrasions are along the bottom and the surface has several areas of spots and dots. At the best viewing angle only the posers are prominent!