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….a room, I would wager that all conversations were halted and the collective sets of eyes, both men’s and women’s, appraised her appearance, admiring her exquisiteness and waited for her to speak. We are only permitted to view her painted portrait that was copied onto a brilliantly produced quarter plate daguerreotype by A. B. Tubbs when he had a salon in Harrisburg, PA circa 1850. If anyone recognizes this magnificent painting, or the sitter, I would enjoy hearing from you. Naturally, I wonder if the unknown artist embellished the lady’s ravishing face and figure or could she actually have been such a beauty in life. Even when the mat was removed, Casey and I couldn’t be certain if the canvas was unfinished in the upper left corner, or were we looking at the corner of a building with roiling clouds in the sky? The focus of attention must be directed back to the poser. Subtle rouge was placed on her cheeks and a deeper red on her perfect lips. I have owned other dags produced by Andrew Bradford Tubbs that were well made. However, this effort supercedes those. There are a few faint brown spots in the center of the image. The enchantress is surrounded by dark oxidation. The complete leather case is deeply embossed on the cover with a bird nestled amongst a field of vines. The reverse shows an uncommon wavy pattern inside a rectangular outline. The smashing red velvet pad has been pressed with a lovely pattern and in the center is: “A.B. Tubbs Harrisburg”.