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Quarter Plate


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NOT QUITE CENTERED. The operator slightly misjudged the position of his client when the retaped quarter plate was taken. Although the oval brass mat is forgiving the fellow still is low and left inside the frame. His flesh tones are absolutely lifelike! The depth of the silver is holographic! Brilliant skylight hooded his deep-set eyes yet those pinpoints of brightness created depth. The man’s features including a small vertical white scar on his cheek were expertly placed on the mirror. While he dressed like a banker with flair, I think there was more to the fellow than that. If only his hands had been visible. They might have provided clues to his profession. That is about the best checkered vest I have seen recently. That watermarked silk tie was large and bold! Okay, maybe he WAS a financier and had lots of dough! I will mention the green protrusion of copper spots on the gentleman’s shoulder and a hazy area at the bottom of the dag. The leather case is together and there is an embossed velvet pad inside.