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Quarter Plate


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DRESSED FOR? Even by today?s standards of eccentric fashions and over-the-top dresses, this outfit might take the grand prize at one of today?s fashion shows. I have seen some odd costumes on television, in magazines and elsewhere. By no means is she overdressed if this was a fashion statement in her time. The other possibility is that she could be dressed up for some kind of festival or gala of the year, like May Day, or some other seasonal celebration. My personal feeling is that she is dressed for a springtime festival. I?ll start at the top to describe her elegant costume. Upon her head she wears a garland of mixed flowers. Around her breast is a string of leaves, possibly from a rose bush since on her arms below her shoulders she has two red roses that are slightly tinted. Directly below each rose is a band that is tinted a metallic yellow. The same tinting is applied at the belt around her waist. Then the portrait gets really interesting? The most intriguing aspect of this absolutely unique quarter plate dag is the blown glass cane that she holds in her left hand. With her other hand at her waist she is actually pointing towards the cane. Perhaps the cane is the most significant part of the entire daguerreotype, but without another picture and some documentation it is hard to know. I guess anything is essentially plausible to explain this very interesting image. Like the other metallic/yellowish tinting on the rest of her dress, the large bands below her waist seem to be made of metal or at least tinted to create that effect. The unknown maker obviously had a large studio. He was able to place his subject on a gaily-patterned carpet where she silently stood during the length of the exposure. Curiously enough, her voluminous dress did shift, creating a ghostly appearance. The young beauty was bathed in brilliant illumination from above on the right side. There are some spots around her that are all very slight and have no effect on the quality of the image. It has been resealed and is held in a complete leather case. Please consider this smashing daguerreian masterpiece, which would be a focal point in any collection!