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Baby in a Carriage, Quarter Plate Dag


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SPECTACULARLY SPATIAL. The tyke is firmly nested in a fabulous baby carriage that was placed on the daguerreotypist?s distinctly pattered carpet, but alas, I don?t recognize those alternating squares. It really doesn?t matter because the beauty and strength of the resealed quarter plate jewel is the outrageous blacks, whites and reflected depth. Every time I feel as though I am holding the greatest technical masterpiece of the daguerreian era in my hands, I eventually find another that is equal. Well, the proverbial thought that ?the buck stops here? signals the end of my quest for the perfect plate. There is simply no beginning or ending to the visual vibes that the maker created in this stunning portrait. The subject remained quite calm and the operator accomplished the rest. I wonder if he knew at the moment of presentation to the child?s parents that the dag was such a monumental example of the art? There is very narrow patina inside the intricate brass mat and almost invisible abrasions in a couple places. One lonely mold spider is just above the top of the carriage. A late leather case with an unusual design and a broken spine holds this precious piece. Inside, the babe is held tightly by the brightest red velvet liner I have ever seen.