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Quarter Plate


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WELL . . . Parts of their clothing was in focus! What was responsible for the family of three to all move their heads slightly while a newly sealed horizontal quarter plate likeness was created circa 1850? Dad was a large friendly fellow. His body was turned towards his family so he would fill the left side of the image. He had a pleasant expression on his face while he concentrated on the far wall of the studio. Mom kinda leaned into the center but angled her boxy face in the other direction while she looked across the plane of the beautifully tarnished silver. A strange juxtaposition! Their adorable daughter cupped her hands together across her waist and demonstrated with her piercing eyes and determined expression that she wasn’t cowered by the experience. I must mention those singular loosely coiled strands of hair hanging below each of the woman’s ears. I can’t EVER remember witnessing that specific tonsorial application before. The trio’s portrait has wonderful depth and contrast. The inlaid mother of pearl case is complete because of a curious hinge repair.