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Quarter Plate


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ALL THE BOXES WERE CHECKED. Let me interpret that remark. The gorgeous teenager was taken in quarter size and she has been professionally conserved. Check! The composition and illumination were both outstanding. Check! The young woman’s attire was lovely and revealing without causing her to be coquettish. Check! Her sensuous brown eyes intelligently studied the daguerreotypist while her perfect lips were lightly touching, formed into a soft smile. Check! The broad range of tones, excellent contrast and remarkable reflected depth were all present! That porcelain vase was filled with delicate professionally painted flowers. Check! By now everyone fully understands just how exceptional the portrait was and still remains in superlative condition. Furthermore the lass received delicate tinting on her flesh and gold was applied to her earrings and one part of her brooch. Was that a dag in the oval jewelry? Readers, this masterwork taken circa 1856 almost surpassed the pinnacle of what was possible in daguerreotypy. Any specks and flecks are completely immaterial! During the aging process the patina created additional natural hues. When the next collector opens the complete leather case, I will listen for a gasp, then the endless accolades that will surely follow! I have used the terminology “perfection personified” previously and honestly, this gal’s likeness is a proverbial “one in a million”!