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Mother & Daughters, Quarter Plate Dag


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HER GIRLS! This smiling mother in her thirties was portrayed seated with her two daughters. I don’t know how much I can decipher from the body language, but rarely is there such an emotional range shown in archivally sealed quarter plate daguerreotypes. The older sister, about 10, has dark, closely cut hair. She stood in profile to the camera next to mom. Her left hand was draped over the woman’s shoulder while her other arm and hand were rigidly placed behind her back. The gal’s eyes focused on a spot just beyond the plane of the threesome. This child did not appear very excited about a visit to the daguerreian gallery. The younger sibling, about 5, was also standing but she was comfortably nestled against her parent’s breast, leaning into her on a diagonal that created a fabulous sense of balance and composition. Of course, the woman had one arm behind her “little darling”. The daguerreotypist would have suggested that perfect placement of their other hands together in the lady’s lap. I really am uncertain if the younger girl, with one bare shoulder exposed, above her dark dress, was the apple of mom’s eye. Her expression suggested perfect contentment! In reality was she a devil in disguise and the kid’s elder sister knew it? Possibly to get the little lass to cooperate this was the only pose that worked. Either way, I do detect jealousy from the older girl. The plate has superb richness, contrast and a delightful brown tone! Even when I mention superior holographic depth my accolades still understates the technical achievements. Brief mat marks and couple mold mites plus rich patina are visible. Their likeness was very appropriately presented in a whole leather “Love Birds” case, with a rich velvet pad embossed with flowers. The case and image are circa 1851.