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That was in place to restraint the unhappy girl was revealed when she moved her head towards the left as the daguerreotypist made his best effort to retain the child on an expertly prepared and newly resealed quarter plate image. Dramatic brightness from the right illuminated the heavy nap woven into the fabric used to isolate the child from whatever might have been behind her. That texture along with the rolling folds of the cloth covering a wooden chair made a remarkable portrait on the right side of the composition. Then there was the headstrong subject standing erect with her hands placed upon the top of the cloaked furniture. A beaded bracelet was worn on her arm near the strap of her small handbag. What caused her to have such angst during the few seconds that an exposure was made? The play of light and shade was certainly remarkable. There is one mat scratch upper left. A few meaningless marks are on the blanket and there is one brown dot on her dress. The complete leather case is probably later than the dag.