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Elegant Man, Quarter Plate Dag


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CAUGHT LEANING. Or . . . did the elegant man’s maker realize that he had a malleable client who would do almost anything in an effort to obtain an unusual resealed quarter likeness? Working in tandem, they produced a fabulous, formal and rather dreamy portrait don’t you think? Inspired illumination sculpted the fellow’s fine face and created wonderful depth on that fluted column. The married gent, note his bold gold painted wedding band, peered off into space obviously thinking about the response from his true love when he handed her this marvelous dag. Only at the best viewing angle, when the chaps explodes off the heavy buffed silver, is the true beauty of the image revealed. Mold spiders and oxidation are apparent but not bothersome. Deep reflective depth adds to my enjoyment. The piece is in a very worn leather case that has a new leather spine.