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Quarter Plate


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LITTLE MISS WEARING RED. She stood immobile when the exposure on an archivally prepared quarter plate was taken in the mid-1850s. The cunning child placed one hand on top of a slim book. Her hesitant expression suggested that she wasn?t completely happy to have been standing in front of the camera. Mother dressed her offspring in a wool coat worn over a knee length dress with white pantalettes visible below the hemline. Those look like thick wool socks too. A quilted hat secured under her chin with a fancy ribbon finished the kid?s ensemble. Those funky hazy stains were caused by the original weeping glass. There are a few teeny mold mites on the silver plus a few mat scrapes. It is uncommon to hold a dag of a Little girl standing full length inside a complete leather case. She most likely visited the very competent daguerreotypist early in the 1850s.