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Quarter Plate


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I SAW THE STARS! And the brown spots along with not much tarnish and I knew that someone had previously cleaned the quarter plate’s silvery surface. That sash with those marvelous hand drawn stars was originally bright yellow. The gent’s masonic face is still well colored, surprisingly enough. The ties at the bottom of the decorative cloth were also etched into the surface. I liked the man so I overlooked the obvious. I wonder if his wife was present when the archivally taped portrait was taken? Certainly the gent wouldn’t have combed his hair kewpie doll fashion, would he? Written in the bottom of the two-part leather case was: “Peter Van Fleet brother of Jared Van Fleet”. While the brown spots are certainly lying on the silver, those along with the rest of the surface marks aren?t as bold when Peter?s two-part leather case is open.