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A Child’s Portrait Quarter Plate Dag


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I KNOW WHERE MOTHER WAS! She was standing in plain sight for her lovely daughter to see, just behind the daguerreotypist, while the cunning little lass was taken on a sparkling resealed quarter size piece of silver that has odd water spots across the top and a few mat marks along the bottom inside the oval brass mat. Those dark thin lines you might notice in my scan but probably not on the likeness were caused as the heavy-handed colorist tinted the child’s flesh tones. The slight ruffles on the dress sleeves, those wonderfully layered pantalettes and the textures on the tablecloth and padded seat cushion all should suggest just how sharply the lens was focused. A skylight was used to bathe the beautiful kid with brightness that created wonderful shadowing on her face. When the lovely whole leather case is opened and the viewing angles are changed, anyone seeing the miniature doll for the first time will be amazed! Patina is quite visible on the surface.