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Friends for Life


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QUAKER FRIENDS? The women, who were of a similar age, sat for the daguerreotypist Dr. W. Barr who operated in Harrisburg PA from 1850-1854. There is a glorious eagle impressed inside their poorly repaired leather case with Barr’s information also stamped into the deep red velvet pad. Obviously Barr operated in a sizeable room since he was able to seat his subjects next to each other and still have space around them. The darker edges acted as a natural vignette and his exceptional illumination placed them in our laps so to speak. Barr achieved outstanding tonality and contrast. His quarter plate preparation was exemplary while the lighting was excellent. The clarity of both ladies was also impressive. There are two dimples visible at certain angles. The woman on the right received them both, one on her sleeve and the second one on the edge of her day cap. Another hand made a singular scratch above the oxidation in the lower right corner. The white specks are quite trivial. The power of the piece is the pleasing companionship of the twosome and the remarkable holographic depth!