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Quarter Plate


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ROOT’S TRIO! Although the condition overall is quite ghastly and most of the mold spiders and hazy stains were caused by the worst decayed glass I had seen in years on a fine daguerreotype, the professionalism in Samuel Root’s quarter plate daguerreotypes is still evident. He was working at 363 Broadway when this remarkable testament to the art was taken circa 1855. The young gentleman wore formal attire and a sheer leather glove on at least one hand. His other one was placed behind the girl on the right. She and her lovely companion both wore very fancy bonnets and dark clothing. I wonder what the occasion was to have compelled the trio to pose before Root’s camera? Technically and artistically speaking, great portraits don’t come any better then this. I have studied the pyramidal composition of the threesome and admired endless holographic depth, created in part by fabulous contrast and a broader range of tones then my pixels could ever reproduce. Dark tarnish stayed on the surface even after a light cleaning of the silver. Finally, their leather push button case has an adequate repaired hinge. If you happen to be the next owner, I will simply state that the visual difference between what you see here and what is observed in your hands will be astounding!