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Quarter Plate


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THEIR FAMILY! They were flush enough to have been able to afford a recently sealed quarter plate group portrait. Plump mother sat quietly with a stoic expression painted on her face. The darling little daughter leaned towards mom and moved. The upright and very proper lad struck a classic Napoleonic pose and stared into the camera?s lens. It was the father?s very curious smirk that captured my fancy when I first opened the complete leather case that has a splendid bright red embossed plush pad inside. What was he all about? The gent?s eyes were angled in one direction. His long nose didn?t seem situated in the center of his face. It kinda slanted towards the left while that mouth, framed by thick lips, sidled that way also. They might have been taken in a studio equppied with a skylight. Excellent contrast and deep depth are quite nice. Patina flows inside the scalloped brass mat. All those specks are inconsequential. Who shall be the next collector to own this peculiar foursome?