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Quarter Plate


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WHERE WERE HIS SHOES? Of course the child seated next to mom was a boy. No parent would have permitted a little girl to be daguerreotyped in quarter plate size sans footwear, correct? That lack of foot coverings gives their retaped likeness added appeal along with the kid?s expression. While his mother appeared a bit hesitant, wondering if she could control her offspring long enough for a successful image, I would wager that she was a beautiful female specimen in a more relaxed setting. Certainly her clothing was well chosen and their maker wasn?t bashful about embellishing all the lady?s jewelry! Faint mold mites, teeny black specks and small mat marks along with a couple brown circles aren?t disruptive enough to cause visual dismay. In fact, this is a lovely mother son relationship don?t you think? The cover of the leather case is gone.