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Quarter Plate


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A STRAY! No, not that adorable little boy who was so strategically positioned with a hand on each parent’s shoulder to make certain that they didn’t move, but my reference was to that diagonal line above father’s head. Not a scratch but an odd buff mark. It is so faint when this holographic gem is held in hand it won?t even be noticed. While lad and dad were perfectly placed on the resealed quarter plate, mother’s image was slightly faded, from the original process and not caused by a later occurrence in the life of their portrait that was taken circa 1849. She certainly was a large specimen! For me their image is all about the adorable child. His pose was radically different from the way most children were portrayed. Didn?t dad receive too much tint on his face and lips? The very worn leather case is still together. Only hints of patina have occurred during the aging process. The family has a new seal.