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Quarter Plate


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“CHASE . . . 173 Wash’n (Washington) St.” (Boston) was stamped in the lower right corner of a brass mat surrounding this powerful black and white quarter plate likeness. The exquisitely illuminated, handsome and intense gentleman, whose deep-set dark eyes shimmered with catch-lights about his pupils, was professionally daguerreotyped! Kensington NH born Lorenzo Chase operated at this address circa 1854-1855 when he was approached by the fellow for an archivally sealed likeness. Lorenzo’s brother Ezra actually operated a gallery here in Exeter as early as August 1841 before moving to Boston. The brothers worked in partnership 1849-1851 at 247 Washington St. Unfortunately most of the life-like tinting on the man’s face was removed when a previous hand cleaned the surface. I am amazed by the reflective depth and the strength of character that the chap still exudes when his complete leather case is opened. I should note that the spine was reglued. The marks on his face were naturally occurring blemishes. There is a miniscule mark on his left eye and a few meaningless specks and flecks elsewhere.