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Quarter Plate


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HER CHEEKS WERE PUFFY! I can’t decide if the child had a naturally structured well-rounded face or did she hold her breath while the exposure for this retaped quarter plate was taken? The gal’s lovely lips were lightly pressed together. Her button nose was covered with freckles. Those intelligent brown eyes discerned every movement of the daguerreotypist while the youngster remained motionless. I should tell you at this juncture, my scan just doesn’t begin to reveal the beauty of the subject, the wonderful tinted flesh tones or the reflected depth. There are slight pings in the surface against the oval brass mat at 4 and 10 o’clock. A few mold mites and mat scrapes are faint. That is a small stain on that nifty dress. The soft area in the center of the piece was caused by a lens aberration. The complete leather case has a smashing embossed green pad that compliments the girl.