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Quarter Plate


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LUCKY GUY! “BALDWIN” was clearly stamped in the lower right corner of the quarter size brass mat that framed the resealed threesome. I am calmly wondering about the gent’s relationship to the two married ladies who both wore gold embellished wedding bands. Were they Mormons? Was one gal his bride and the other a relation? Was he simply single and hopeful for a change in one of his companion’s marital status later down the road? I know I am having too much fun but I do enjoy speculating at times. There were several operators with the same surname so I don’t know which one was responsible for this holographic gem. The white reflector perfectly softened any shadows created by illumination that entered from the left side of the room. Curiously, the man wore a golden ring not as a wedding band. The color of his watch fob and key has gone a bit wonky over time. Two green spots are on one woman’s white sleeve. Her companion’s ribbons were tinted blue and white. Their leather case had an older spine repair.