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Quarter Plate


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NOT QUITE . . . The expression that mom and dad were anticipating when they dragged their daughter to the daguerreian for this quarter plate effort that has a new seal. Or maybe the couple was realistic and realized that even the most skilled operator on the planet could only do so much with their hardheaded offspring. Surely the recalcitrant kid waved those tinted flowers during the exposure because the man next to the camera said not to. And look at the placement of those fingers on the inside of his fancy overstuffed chair. The tenseness of the kid’s grip can almost be felt! Strands of dirty tousled hair hung limp on either side of that chubby face. Tightly pursed lips framed the mouth and melancholy eyes watched the maker. From a technical angle, the likeness was superlative. I can honestly say I don’t know what created the white specks on the child’s face, but better news, even in strong light they aren’t visible with the naked eye. Of course, the brown dot in the tinting on one cheek is clearly seen. The highly reflective piece views so much better in hand when the complete leather case is opened.