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Quarter Plate


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EAGER SISTERS! And they were quite compliant and comfortable in front of the camera when their quarter plate that has been retaped was made. The older gal parted her lips slightly during the exposure ready to engage the maker in a conversation. She placed her arms over her waist and covered her wrist with her fingers, one of which supported a ring. I don’t believe that piece of jewelry on the kid’s arm contained a daguerreotype. The child who stood had wonderful flyaway hair and an impish expression. She stretched one slender arm across the top of that wooden chair yet she didn’t draw closer then necessary to her sibling! Both girls had lovely energetic postures. My only question would be, “Could the older child’s one eyebrow have really arched like we see it or did a thick strand of hair angled upwards create the illusion?” Although speckled tarnish touches their arms and dots the brightly shining surface, the sitters’ faces are so attractive that I can discount the aging process to enjoy their deeply reflective portrait. The operator captured the duo circa 1847. Their separated leather case wasn’t popular until about 1850.