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Quarter Plate


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SISTER OR MOTHER? Could the oldest subject actually have been the younger girls’ mom? There is absolutely no doubt that they were closely related. The beauty of the woman as the central pillar of the pyramidal composition was evident for everyone to instantly see. The pair of kids created a nice supporting cast. Casey and I decided to change the brass mat from a double elliptical shape to this oval opening in an effort to hide many of the mat scrapes that occurred because the piece was unsealed when I purchased the likeness in 1989. The quarter plate had been trimmed radically on all four sides and it had rattled around loose after someone else had cleaned the surface that didn’t have a hallmark. The new frame was perfect for the time they were taken, circa 1850. The intact leather case was decorated with a bouquet of flowers and a brilliantly stamped burgundy cushion inside. Back to the female subjects. Studying the youthful lady closer, so perfectly illuminated and posed with such relaxed comportment and poise, made me realize that she was the kids’ mother! The lass obviously was a very loving and nurturing parent. The lens was focused on her! The daguerreotypist was highly skilled. The extensive range of mid-tones equals any other dag that I have owned. The more I enjoy the threesome the more iconic it becomes. Motherhood was personified by the youthful belle daguerreotyped with her tiny children. It is possible to view the tour de force on this highly reflective mirror at certain angles where most of the scrapes, brown spots and maybe six teeny green specks are nearly invisible!