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Quarter Plate


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THE BROTHERS THREE. These cute lads were taken full-length on an archivally sealed quarter plate daguerreotype. While there is obviously more mold spiders then what I normally purchase and a one inch vertical crimp upper right, made when the daguerreian used pliers underneath the mat for one of his applications, the fact that the lads held hands was so endearing that I couldn?t resist owning them. The younger boys were in awe of the process. Their brother stood rather resolute holding his large hat against his leg. The siblings were certainly attentive enough. There is patina around the periphery. Whenever so much green detritus is visible on a brass mat you should realize that there was a huge amount of moisture under the glass. That fact can usually point to mold spider growth also, hence the appearance of this piece that has good contrast and surprising depth. A leather case keeps the subjects from view until the separated cover is lifted.