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Quarter Plate


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THEY WERE COPIED! Here is a portrait of the original done in quarter plate size that Casey recently archivally restored. Mother and child are held in a complete book style leather case. That hazy blue inside the oval brass mat opening is re-tarnish from the plate having been previously cleaned. Both mom and babe had amazing deep dark eyes. The woman must have been a beautiful female specimen during her lifetime. The pair were probably copied near the time they were taken in the early 1850s, although the Eickmeyer case wasn?t patented until Feb. 27 1855, which suggests that this dag may have been married to it later. Only a student of daguerreotypy would even suspect that the wonderful portrait had not been taken from life. Although admittedly, that ?half moon shaped object? just inside the bottom of the mat was a part of a device that held the first dag in place. A few minor blemishes are of no concern.