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Quarter Plate


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FLOATING ON A CLOUD! A pair of attractive young women were nicely rendered in a classic vignette style on an archivally sealed quarter plate portrait that is kept in a complete leather case. Their dreamlike presentation surpassed most of the efforts done in this elegant style. And having two lovely lasses on one mirrored surface at once made viewing the portrait doubly wonderful. The elevation of the ladies was amazingly effective to the point upon opening their adequately repaired leather case the viewer instantly wonders what keeps them inside the oval bass mat. Great contrast and reflected depth rises from the misty depths of the dag. Rouge was painted on their cheeks and lips. There is one speck on the freckled faced woman?s throat. Her elongated earrings were two sets of matched pearls. If you never thought that a daguerreotype could be mesmerizing, I think the next owner will agree these gals more then meet that expectation!