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Quarter Plate


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1845! A rather remarkable resealed quarter plate effort showing a young attractive and attentive mother holding her sleeping child in her lap. She was seated in front of a wrinkled piece of cloth with diagonal striations that created a sense of movement while mom and baby remained absolutely still. The complete leather case is missing the two hooks and one of the eyelets. It has the classic delicate roses theme on both sides that indicated a date of 1845 along with the mat, very early preserver and an unusual early hallmark, ?Star 40?. Also, the four corners of the plate were narrowly clipped and the sides were flat. Nice patina hugs the brass opening in places and most of the mold spiders are relatively close to the octagonal edges. The baby?s tunic was tinted blue and both faces were touched with red. Gold embellished the woman?s rings (didn?t she have wonderful expressive dark eyes) and the slide on her necklace. The illumination perfectly defined the contours of her pretty face.