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A Perfect Foursome, Quarter Plate Dag


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ONCE IN A COLLECTOR?S . . . Lifetime will he or she possess an archivally prepared quarter plate daguerreotype of four children that exhibited every quality and facet of perfection that a daguerreian (who sadly, in this example he or she was unidentified) could masterfully create. Such exceptional illumination gave life to each of the siblings faces. Pale red tint applied to their lips and cheeks added a bit of realism. Whose children were they I have always wondered since I bought their portrait 28 years ago! Now that I have decided to offer the likeness for sale, I will permit each of you viewers the luxury of adding to the tale. The kids were taken circa 1856 or later. They are kept in a thermoplastic case with the cover theme titled: “The Memorial” and the reverse: “The Lord’s Prayer”. Another question I asked myself was this, “Who wove the eldest gal’s scuplted hair and how long did the work take?” The faint lines across the top are breaks in the patina. The god of daguerreotypes vividly smiled upon the completion of their tour de force!