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Two separate sixth plates, with new seals, were taken most likely on the same day when a man on a horse, or driving his wagon stopped in their small town to take the locals on his polished mirrors.  The woman was posed with an air of country elegance was instantly amplified after the man had processed her likeness. She had selected her finest dress for the sitting and arranged her hair symmetrically I suppose.  But part of the curls slipped and her maker either didn’t notice or he was frightened at the thought of telling his subject of her hair malfunction.  The square jawed gal watched him intently while her fingers fidgeted when the lens was uncapped.  I have peered into her eyes many times since acquiring the pair.  She has an almost hypnotic effect especially when her fancy whole leather case is open and I delightfully tilt the holographic dag at different angles underneath strong light.  Permit me to tell you that the source of illumination entered the small space from above the right side of the person.  Folds in the drapery and the bold white cloth reflector don’t hamper the power of the lady’s likeness. Faint red color is still seen on her lips and cheeks.  Gold was painted on that brooch and a pair of rings.  Those deep buff marks and an original dark scratch lower left are certainly visible along with several mold spiders.  The gent was taken in a similar fashion but he has not aged so well has his companion.  There are many mold spiders and faint scratches.  He moved his head but HIS hands were completely still.  Excellent efforts were afforded both of the daguerreian’s clients.  Since I bought them in the bottoms of miss-matched leather cases I initially tried to find a double case circa 1845-1846 but opted for separate intact examples, although his does have a repaired hinge.  The price is for the gal, and the man arrives as a bonus!