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SIX HANDSOME MEN? From Brattleboro, VT in 1857. These men, who look like brothers, dressed up in their best suits for their portrait. According to Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, there were a few daguerreotypists operating in Brattleboro at that time. perhaps one of them had also mastered the ambrotype process? Thanks to Google, I found another possible maker, Charles Miller, who heavily advertised ambrotypes in Brattleboro in 1857-58. This image was definitely made in a proper studio. In sharpness, tone, and condition it is exceedingly fine. It comes in a full case with an unusual and elegant purple case pad. I’ll leave it to the next buyer to see if it is possible to figure out who they were. We are lucky to have the amount of information we do for this masterful half plate ambrotype!