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Same Boy, Two Lovely Daguerreotypes


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When the blue-eyed boy sat for his sixth size daguerreotype circa 1845, his long coiled locks touched the shoulders of his marvelous jacket that was adorned with many reflective buttons. Actually I am more impressed because the dag maker moved the camera quite close to his youthful subject who tilted his head and looked just past the plane of the silvered plate. Although the surface was deeply buffed the reflective depth is still impressive along with the range of tones and contrast. There are mat scrapes in the tarnish that copied the oval shape of the brass mat. A few mold spiders are scattered too. The resealed portrait is kept in the original leather case. Several years later, circa 1853-1854, the lad visited Rees & Co. located at 289 Broadway in New York City. His retaped ninth plate has superlative depth and awesome contrast. However there is a faint line on his mouth and chin. The mat abrasions are quite noticeable plus there is a broad swath of patina on the right side. A whole leather case comes with this dag too.