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A VERY CURIOUS DAG! Sixth and Quarter Plate Pair


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Mixed race marriages in the 1850s were rare for sure. This family, and can there be any question because of their daughter’s flesh tones and that pronounced cleft in her chin, that these folks were not her parents? The archivally restored quarter plate, along with a newly sealed sixth plate of the woman alone, were purchased from a family by me in central New Hampshire. The gent’s pose was very dynamic yet conservatively provincial at the same time. He stood ramrod straight, cupped his beaver hat with one hand and decided to look out into the spacious studio while focusing on a point past the camera. Spectacular light lit the trio from high above on the left side while an unseen reflector was used opposite to soften shadows. The lady sat next to her offspring, who slipped a hand underneath mom’s arm! Both woman seemed resigned to the ordeal of visiting the unidentified daguerreian. There are a pair of wrinkles in the highly reflective silver on either side of father’s head. The richness of their portrait was splendid. The original leather case is intact. Mother’s solo likeness has many tarnish dots and mold spiders. She was taken on a different day I suspect. Her leather case has a very loose spine with a piece of the leather missing.