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A Child & Father’s Arm, by Hale, Sixth Plate Dag


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A BIT RISKY! Luther Holman Hale was a daguerreian in Boston for at least 15 years, circa 1845-1860. He had a studio at 109 Washington St. when he captured this lovely child on an archivally conserved sixth plate. I have always wondered, during the discussion with the kid’s father, if the man was told to stand just behind that very attractive wooden stuffed sofa, and be ready catch his offspring if he/she tumbled backwards. That gentleman stood resolutely in position with his hand clamped at his waist with an elbow thrust into the camera’s view. OOPS! A sensational accidental addition! Marvelous light bathed the little subject who remained motionless and captivated by something near the camera. I doubt if any other operator in the city and as you all know there were many highly skilled practitioners of the art fiercely competing for clientele, could have produced a more magnificent childhood remembrance. The focus was amazingly sharp. The contrast couldn?t have been better and the range of tonality almost bordered on the inconceivable! Plus, as if more accolades were necessary, the depth was deep and the condition remain close to perfect. Fine patina added shaded colors inside the scalloped mat stamped “HALE” in the corner. A lovely and original complete leather case with an unusual design is included.