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Sixth Plate


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AT TIMES . . . The obvious features of a recently cleaned (to remove countless layers of tarnish and corrosion) and restored sixth plate daguerreotype can?t be ignored. Casey posted this remarkable female portrait to share it on the net and one of his client?s inquired why he thought it was taken in Boston by Southworth & Hawes. Here was his reply, ?The background, lighting, intentional soft focus and just the overall appearance. Also you can’t see fully because of the tarnish there is an oval black vignette that the partners favored. This style of a wide opening oval brass mat was preferred by them! I’ve seen it before on their work. The silvered back (electroplated) of the reverse added all together with the other elements of greatness, equals Southworth & Hawes.? Casey forgot to mention that he used the original domed glass when he made a new archival seal. S&H used that glass style on many of their exceptional likenesses! I happened to purchase an empty black leather Boston Style push button case from the same dealer. The delightful damsel, who arranged her hair in a fascinating style, fit perfectly into the box. The superb tonality plus the delicacy of her costume, that included that awesome brooch showing a female turned sideways, were extremely impressive.