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Sixth Plate


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I made a new archival seal on this fellow?s sixth plate recently and noticed that not only was his jacket absolutely filthy, but it seemed sewn together by an amateur seamstress. The collar and lapels were oddly misaligned. Naturally most people would overlook those deficiencies to enjoy the whimsical expression of the elderly gent. A full leather case compliments the fellow. I shared the dag with Mr. Martin Kamer, an expert on 19th century fashions and a profound collector of fine daguerreotypes. His reply, ?YES THIS IS RATHER SHAMBOLIC. THE SLEEVES WERE OBVIOUSLY SPLIT AND VERY BADLY RESEWN. THE COLLAR IS OK BUT HE IS WEARING THE JACKET ASKEW. IT SEEMS TO BE MADE FROM SOME BLEND, PROBABLY LINEN AND WOOL. AND THE CONSTRUCTION SEEMS VERY ODD AND CURIOUS WITH TWO FRONT SIDE SEAMS? NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE!!!!!?